Posted on 27 03 May 2021

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The NISM examination was launched with the purpose of making stockbrokers, trading members and clearing members aware of the different subjects in securities markets.

Clearing NISM Certification not only gives a rewarding career but also gives a bundle of knowledge relating to mutual funds, stocks & brokerage, financial markets and securities markets.


- Can be studied from anywhere

The NISM workbooks and nism exam mock tests can be easily downloadable and then can be accessed without using the internet.Thus you can study and practice the mock tests from anywhere without worrying about internet access.


- Helps in getting a Job

Apart from the industry professionals, NISM certification also increases employment opportunities for the students of other fields like economics, marketing, management, and finance. This certification helps in increasing their knowledge domain and also helps them in investing in the securities market.


- Addition of good values to the resume

The value of your resume is increased to a great extent with this certification. This can be seen as a starting step towards international certification such as CFA, CFP, etc.



- Meet Regulatory Requirements 

This certification exam is compulsorily made by SEBI before you can work in the capital markets. Every professional/individual is required to clear respective Nism certification before employment.



- Knowledge of Indian Securities Markets

 One who knows about securities markets can multiply money in the stock market in most legal ways. These persons can make calculations from the available current sources



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