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Exam and Question Bank details


Q1) What is SORM Exam?

SORM full form is Securities Operations & Risk Management. This NISM Series 7 exam is a compulsory exam for employees of registered stock-broker / trading member / clearing member in recognized stock exchanges, involved in

Assets or funds of investor or clients

Redressal of investor grievances,

Internal control or risk management

Activities having a bearing on operational risk.


Q2) How can I register for NISM-Series-VII: Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination?

Candidates can register with the following –

National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)


Q3) Is there a study material available for preparing for this examination?

There are many websites which offer question banks (some offer even for free) , but what is important is the regular updating of the Q&As as per current exam pattern. NISMTOP500 offers mock tests for NISM VII exams which contain the latest 2023 questions. Once you use our online NISM question bank for NISM VII exam, you will realize that just by reading our Q&As, you can pass the exam easily. No wonder we can give you a 100% guarantee of passing the exam or refund.



Chapter wise Weight age for NISM VII – Securities Operations and Risk Management - 

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Securities Markets : 5%

Chapter 2 - Market Participants in the Securities Markets : 10%

Chapter 3 - Introduction to Securities Broking Operations : 20%

Chapter 4 - Risk Management : 15%

Chapter 5 - Clearing Process : 15%

Chapter 6 - Settlement Process : 15%

Chapter 7 - Investor Grievances and Arbitration : 10%

Chapter 8 - Other Services Provided by Brokers : 10%